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Society Impact neem deel aan het panel ‘Alternative Finance’ tijdens de City Makers Summit op vrijdag 5 februari 2016. Aan bod zal komen: de mogelijkheden van impact financiering voor sociale vraagstukken, en ook de knelpunten daarbij.

On February 4 and 5 City Makers from across 60 cities in the Netherlands and Europe will exchange know-how and experience, during a two-day conference in preparation of the City Makers Summit. The networks of Nieuw Nederland – Steden in Transitie and New Europe – Cities in Transition will further develop and work on the input for the City Makers Agenda, to inspire the EU Urban Agenda.

All over Europe, pioneering City Makers take up initiatives to increase the livability of their cities. They redevelop neglected brownfields, start community enterprises to create jobs in the neighbourhood, rethink food production through urban farming, address increasing vacancy of shops and industrial heritage or promote a more sustainable use of existing resources altogether. Our cities face many contemporary challenges, but the manifold initiatives of City Makers contribute to the innovative climate that determine our cities today. What drives them, and how can we make sure that the best practices flourish and accelerate? How can City Makers combine their societal impact with sustainable business models? What could new roles of government officials look like? And are there rules and regulations that should be adjusted in favor of the City Makers movement?

On February 4 and 5 we co-create the City Makers Agenda that will provide insight in these dynamics and the transition our society faces today. We will do this through a public event on February 4 and 12 Expert sessions on February 5.

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5 februari 2016
10:00 - 12:00